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=Nordic Record.


Kaper Founder(The reason why GpD is here today) DEN 
Raw Founder(GpD wouldnt be here today without him) DEN  



GpĐ*RAW verdensklasse Clanleader, Server- Site Admin, DEN  
Kaper verdensklasse Webmaster DEN  
GpĐ*ML verdensklasse Clan leader, Server Admin, DEN  
GpĐ*Rasjt verdensklasseverdensklasseverdensklasse Clan leader, Server Admin, DEN  

GpĐ*TL verdensklasseverdensklasseverdensklasse

Admin,Server admin DEN  
GpĐ*Speedhansen Member DEN     


Member DEN
GpĐ*GiZzMo  Vip Member  DEN
GpĐ*Racern verdensklasse Member NOR
GpĐ*Steff verdensklasse Member DEN 


Member  DEN 


Member  DEN 
GpĐ*KhacoN  Member DEN 
GpĐ*Sam Member NED
GpĐ*Ghost verdensklasse Member DEN
GpĐ*Grus verdensklasse Member DEN 
GpĐ*Gentle verdensklasse inactive   DEN   
GpĐ*Gangsta verdensklasseverdensklasse inactive  DEN   

GpĐ*Hippo verdensklasseverdensklasseverdensklasse

inactive DEN   


inactive DEN  
GpĐ*Recon verdensklasseverdensklasseverdensklasse inactive  DEN





Reminder. all Trials is named: GpD*(Nick)~R

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15/04-07|TNL2 match against GpR 8:00 pm

24/04-07|GpL Starts

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Bonde Gaming -(SSR)

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15 April (Sunday)

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