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Hall Of Fame

This Week Best Driver is:




Pos. Name Last points Total points
1. GpD`Speedhansen 41 85
2. GpD`RAW 37 62
3. GpD`Rasmus 21 46
4. GpD`Gamble 44 44
5. GpD`Kaper 9 34
6. GpD`FluX 2 22
7. GpD`John_62             - -
8. GpD`GiZzMo - -
9. GpD`Sabik   - -
10. GpD`Hippo - -
11. GpD`PoWer - -
12. GpD`Kine - -
13. GpD`Lebello - -
14. - - -

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